How to remove silicone sealant

silicone sealant is a commonly used household adhesive that is increasingly used in the bonding process of various products. But during use, the silicone sealant on clothes or hands is difficult to remove!

There are many ways to clean silicone sealant from items. It can be physically removed. The silicone sealant on the glass can be gently scraped off with a knife; it can also be dissolved chemically. Generally, when cleaning with gasoline or xylene solution, wipe it several times. , xylene, gasoline, thinner (banana water) can be washed off. How to clean the silicone sealant on hands? You can use cotton silk dipped in kerosene or gasoline, wipe it clean, and then wash your hands with soap, alkali face or washing powder. Use water, rub it repeatedly and fully, wash it off, or wipe off the big ones, dry it fully, and then rub it off. After the silicone sealant solvent evaporates to dryness, a thin film is formed. Here are some easy ways for you to choose.

1. Method 1
The so-called viscose, connecting agent, glue, Foshan silicone sealant tells everyone that it is the easiest to clean when it is not cured, no matter where it sticks, on clothes, body, utensils; some only need to be gently wiped with a rag, It removes easily with a little water and rubbing, so this uncured one is the easiest to clean.

2. Method 2
When installing smooth items such as glass, if you accidentally get silicone sealant, you can gently scrape it off with a knife or blade; it should be noted that this is a bit of manual technology, and the silicone sealant manufacturer reminds everyone to be careful not to scratch your glass

3. Method three
If the cured glass body is attached to glass, ceramics, metal, etc., you can consider scrubbing with solvents such as xylene and acetone (if you don’t know these two substances, you can consider using banana water, because banana water contains these substances). ), if there is less cured glue attached to glass and other items, you can also consider scraping it off with a scraper. If it sticks to your clothes, consider using a brush to remove it. If that doesn't work, you should consider banana water.

4. Method four:
Different silicone sealants have different properties. For example, there are two kinds of acid silicone sealant and neutral silicone sealant, and the chemical substances they contain are different; therefore, the same removal method cannot be used, otherwise it is easy to cause unexpected regrets, which is very bad.

5. Method five
You can try to remove it with banana water, because one of the main components of banana water is "butyl acetate", and butyl acetate has a "banana fragrance", so its name comes from banana water; it is easily soluble in water and can effectively dissolve Various organic solvents, the effect is good.
Through the above introduction, have you already understood the removal method of silicone sealant? If you are polluted by silicone sealant in your daily life, you can try the above methods!

Post time: Jul-04-2023
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